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As most of you may or may not know, I started working at home full time. On the one hand, it’s freaking awesome getting paid to sit at home all day. On the other hand, I started getting a wee bit TOO comfortable – like not bothering to get out of my pj’s all day – and there is of course, for me, the tendency to not stop working when it’s time. I have literally been still working at 11 PM some nights because I got so caught up in what I was doing.

So, yesterday, I tried a little rearrangement. Feng shui and all that or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for a little extra cash to either build or buy a bed like one of those ones at Ikea, the little loft beds that are high enough to put a desk underneath in my spare room. Right now most of the space is taken up with my queen size spare bed that I absolutely refuse to give up (ONLY the most comfortable bed in the world), but that leaves NO room for a desk in there. The other option is to use the desk upstairs but then I’d feel banished and plus it is SO hot up there (it’s a converted attic).

Being that I have neither extra cash nor the faintest idea how to begin building aforementioned loft bed, I have decided to set up shop on the kitchen table. Welcome to my office:


(Kudo points to the person who can identify whose blog that is on the screen). I plan to move it all over against the wall where the big plant is so that people can still, you know, like USE the table in the meantime. But seriously, it’s not too bad.

So far I have noticed:

  1. It is much easier to type with keyboard and mouse than with laptop and little finger pad thing. I had actually forgotten how much easier it is, actually.
  2. I focus more when I am sitting in a chair and paying attention to my computer screen.
  3. There are more plugs. This is nice because then I can go back to plugging in the air conditioner and not have to choose between failing battery and cool air. Woot!

As a side note, I have already written several blogs with the new set up, so maybe it’s helping rejuvenate my flagging blog-drive.

In other news:

Right outside the office I used to work IN, there is a sharp offramp from a small highway, the 705. The offramp comes from the highway, curves around a sharp almost 90 degree turn, and dumps drivers out onto the intersection of 15th and Pacific in downtown Tacoma. The corner is posted to be 25 miles per hour. You also have plenty of notice that this is coming, not least the sight of a 10-story building that it looks like you’re driving right at.

So at any rate, once last year someone took that corner a little too fast and flew off the onramp and into the building. The car hit the windows and crashed to the sidewalk next to the building. The driver, as I understand it, was going about 50 miles an hour and survived the crash.

Sunday afternoon at 2:30, some dude took the corner at OVER 110 MILES AN HOUR and plowed his car into our parking garage. I guess it’s lucky it was the parking garage and not one of the floors where people work! The car was broken in half, from what I heard. The dude was 52 years old, and PVDD speculates that this was one happy Seahawks fan. He died from the crash. Our IT helpdesk manager took these pics yesterday morning:

the off ramp as viewed from the sidewalk next to the building
one of the contact points


What used to be the windows looking into our parking garage, as seen from under the overpass.

In the words of PVDD: the NFL claims another victim. (Not that I know that for sure but it could be.)

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