lookie what *i* got!


Okay you guys.

This is a banner week. I crossed something off my list of goals. Here’s what happened:

Saturday of last week, my oil light came on as I was returning from Lowes after picking up a new shovel, so I decided to go to the little convenience store down the street to pick up some oil. I’m like 4 blocks away, when all of a sudden this godawful racket starts coming out from under the hood. I hastily turn a corner and pull off to the side of the road just in time for the engine to just quit.

I am quite nonplussed.

I check the oil, dry as a BONE. I call PVDD, he walks over then we go get oil, put it in, and limp the car home.

Turns out, I have a oil leak. Bad.

So I take the car to 38th Street Service Center on 38th by the Goodwill, for those of you in this area, they are AWESOME. They repair the leak, change the oil, and warn me that there might be some damage to the motor after running low on oil like that, plus with the leak, it probably caused problems with the oil being so low so often. I am supposed to call if there are any problems.

So the next day, I am still seeing the oil light, so I take the car into the shop again on Tuesday. Um, so the motor bearings or something are pretty damaged and there is no way to fix it without replacing the motor.



I decide, you know? It’s high time I got one of these:


So I did:




Oh yes. See my little DREAM bracelet on there? I was hoping the word would show.

After years of test driving and never buying, I am now a PROUD JEEP OWNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Up until this year, I had gone test driving jeeps once a year. In fact, I did even go this year. All the ones I found, I was too upside down in my car, or it was too expensive, or I couldn’t afford the payment, et cetera. I had pretty much resigned myself to putting off the Jeep purchase till next year until this mess happened with my Mazda. Motivation, it appears, makes all the difference.

I ended up buying from Gee West Seattle Chrysler/Jeep in (surprise) west Seattle. My salesman was a guy named John and he was VERY helpful (he took the pic of me in the Jeep) and I promised to give him an advertisement in my blog. They have a Chevy dealership as well, and if any of you buy a car from him, I get a li’l cash in the pocket, so please, feel free to buy there and mention my name.

Thus far I can’t stop grinning. PVDD even likes driving it, and has spent much time calculating the gas mileage, figuring out what all the buttons do, and poking around under the hood to make sure everything looks good. I’m glad he knows what he’s doing, because I surely don’t.

Anyway. That’s been my week so far and I didn’t have time to finish my LFB blog then or today (I just had to tell you my good news plus I picked up the Kid today) but I reeeeeally really really want to still post it so I am going to do so tomorrow.

After my morning Starbucks trip. With the top off.


2 comments on “lookie what *i* got!”

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    1. Sir, I am amazing at the commenting of your skills. It is most astoundingest to me that you see with such insight into the terms attempting I was to present. I hope you take away everything intelligent from this post. Please remember to buy auto-parts online.


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