so what’s up with you?

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So here’s what I’m thinking you’re thinking…

I have either been run over by the Jeep, rolled the Jeep over, had some other sort of accident involving the Jeep and having the top down in the freezing cold, fallen in a hole wherein there is no internet service and (even worse) no laptop, broken my computer, moved to Thailand, joined a cheezy-poof eating cult that requires me to cut all myspaz ties, had writer’s block, failed to pay my cable bill, lost my muse, or had some other natural or technological disaster befall me. What else could keep me away from you, my beloved myspaz friends, for so darn long?


Not quite THAT bad, but close.

In the past two weeks I have survived my car almost breaking down, losing my wallet, the excitement of getting the Jeep finally, having my bank TRIPLE my mortgage payment by mistake and thus overdrawing my account by $1500, the bank’s subsequent failure to correct said mistake and therefore living the past three weeks with NO MONEY, having to take a payday loan, relationship trauma, mice stuck in my washing machine, finding my wallet, Goodman announcing he is having the Kid tested for ADD, taking Fukendrinken (or is it now Dimond’s?) advice and keeping to the schedule of taking the Kid on Tuesdays, completing two projects at work only to take on three more, delivering one of my projects ON TIME for testing (after 3 consecutive 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM workdays), having LFB double post the topic this week thus making me feel TWICE as guilty for missing the last few weeks…

What else is there?

Oh, somewhere in there I did get a raise. And as soon as my bank account becomes unfucked, I will be sure to enjoy it immensely. THAT was good news for the ol’ Unsinkable, though I do have to say that I have felt decidedly sunk over the last couple weeks. Thankfully, the end is in sight and I am anticipating having a VERY good time soon (after October is over).

So what do you want to hear about first? Any of it? Most of it’s just bitching, I guess. The bank paid three of my mortgage payments instead of the one I had scheduled. This left me in dire straits (-1200 in the bank account…ON PAYDAY) and precipitated an immediate and pointed discussion with several luckless employees down at Bank of America.

“Who’s going to fix this?” says I.

“Not I,” says they.

And that’s pretty much the story there.

Turns out they can’t put a stop payment on the checks once they have been sent (made doubly hard when you don’t take action the day that I call and instead wait OVER THE WEEKEND plus a day) and so now I have to collect payment from the mortgage company on my own (which of course I am SURE they will be HAPPY to help me with). Plus somehow put off all the bills that I WAS going to pay with the paycheck that was eaten and the one subsequent that just served to bring me up to current with my sadly overdrawn account.

What a mess. M. E. S. S.

Goodman thinks the Kid has ADD. Now, I don’t have the time or inclination to delve into my personal feelings on things like that, but I am strongly against having the Kid medicated. I can see this is going to be a clash of epic proportions, since Goodman is practically 100% convinced that this is the problem and is being supported by his girlfriend (I haven’t named her yet – still formulating a name), whereas I (and PVDD for that matter) am 100% unconvinced that this is the problem and even more against having him medicated. This should be the most un-fun I’ve had all year.

I decided to continue taking the Kid on Tuesdays. I missed him way too much and I think some of his problems in school were precipitated by the change in schedule. So thank you those of you that smacked some sense into me on that subject.

Lastly, the rest I will wait for later (I have some absolutely REVOLTING pictures of mice to share with you) but I did want to check in and tell you that I am, contrary to perhaps the popular opinion, still alive and kicking.

And still, even yet, Unsinkable. Whew.

PS: Please everyone tell me your news. I haven’t had time to catch up on blogs and I want to hear good things!

PPS: When you get an email that says, “Hay, nice Jeep!” how else can you respond other than, “Hay, thanks! You too!”

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