2n and airports…combustible combination

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So this whole week I’m in Los Angeles. I’m sure you’ve heard of the wildfires…and before you ask, no, unfortunately, my place of employment didn’t burn to the ground thus rendering me at loose ends for the week. However, several of my coworkers and their family members have had to evacuate, as well as Doug from the Macaroni Grill around the corner (as he explained in great detail last night). So there’s that.

So more fun airport stories.

Because I am gladly anticipating the beautiful weather in LA, I traveled from Seatac wearing a nice, pretty, airy tank top (with a built in bra), jeans, and chucks. After security, I am down on one knee tying my shoelace, when what should happen but the strap on my tank top should break.

Now, as I mentioned, the tank top had a built in bra. So normally, with a built in bra, I do not actually reinforce that by wearing an actual bra, because, well, that kinda defeats the purpose of having said built-in bra in the first place. So you might be able to imagine what happens when the strap on your tank top comes flying off while you’re bent over tying your shoes.

Now, I can’t be entirely sure how much 2N and associated accoutrements were actually displayed to the light of day, but rest assured there was probably a little bit of flashing. Because the tank top was so light and airy, I didn’t even realize it had happened until I went to go stand up – and then I don’t think you will have ever seen ANYONE get a vest on and zipped up in quite the speedy fashion that I did.

I can’t say that I have ever engaged in public nudity in an airport before. Chapped thighs, sure. Holes in the armpits of my tshirts, of course. Losing my luggage? Missing my plane? Definitely. Delayed flights? No matches? Without a doubt.

Flashing a boob? No, I can’t say that’s ever happened before. Chalk one up for new experiences.

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