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And actually, pretty cool. I didn’t know that some runways won’t allow size zero models anymore. I think that’s safer for them, and for us real world women that will never be a size zero even in our fondest dreams.

Where’s my favorite fashionista? Wardrobe Slave? Is this true?

I do have to say though, that being 20 years old and 126 lbs (9 stone there for you, Cath) doesn’t sound all that bad, but apparently it’s not quite desirable for the Miss World pageant.

In other news, for the men – you may yet get lucky enough to see Britney in Playboy: I find that fascinating that Hef would put her in his magazine once she “can put herself back on the road to recovery.” I have to say I feel for her, but seriously, people. Does she even have talent? She sorta reminds me of Paris Hilton…WHY is she famous?

Speaking of Paris, it’s possible she may be enjoyed by generations to come: Hundreds and hundreds of years of Paris. And her dogs. God help me. Help us all.

My horoscope today is a little ambivalent (shocking, no?): After a long, boring and seemingly unending struggle, you’ll see a glimpse of the finish line early today. If you want to reach it as quickly as possible, you have to hustle! This means putting aside frivolous, entertaining and easy stuff and focusing on difficult conversations, tight deadlines and controversial choices instead. Conflicts may arise, but you need to power through them. Right now, you can’t wait to get anyone’s permission — just be sure to ask for forgiveness later.

Hmmmmmm…I’ve been awake now for two hours and have yet to glimpse the finish line. I wonder if that’s early by my normal Sunday morning wake up time or what? I DO have tight deadlines right now, hence why I am awake on Sunday morning after having been dressed up for Halloween last night and having consumed a little too much alcohol than is good for me, but putting aside frivolous, entertaining and easy stuff? Puhleeze.

Looking through the celebrity gossip articles, there are a ton of Britney stories but none of Brangelina! I did, however, find that Sarah Jessica Parker is THE number 1 “Unsexiest Woman In the World” according to Maxim: Now there’s a title I am most happy not to have. Guess who’s number 5? You guessed it, our good friend Britney. Due to her her two kids, two ex-husbands, a slight weight gain and “losing the ability to perform.” Surprisingly, Madonna was also on the list and in fact was called “Willem Dafoe with hot flashes.”. Oops.

I notice that I frequently pick “c” moods. I think this is because I start at the top of the list and pick the first one that seems appropriate. Because I’m impatient and rather easy to please, that tends to be fairly early in the list.

I have some fun LA stories and pics to share later on today. Stay tuned.

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