another perfect day

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Goodie goodie!

Another photoblog.

This weekend I decided to pack up the Kid and spend the weekend with the grandparental units out in the country. Well, not the country exactly, but the closest I can come to the country but still be within 30 minutes of home. Sunday, while the units took the Kid to church, I decided to go exploring.

I have to say there is nothing like taking the top off (the Jeep) and just driving wherever I feel like. I enjoyed driving my Mazda, but it’s nothing like driving the Jeep. It was so cool…I didn’t have anywhere to be or anyone to explain to or any time I needed to be back or anything…I just cranked up the tunes and wandered around for a few hours. Good thing it was all on back country roads too, otherwise I might have irritated a few people with my top-of-the-lungs renditions of my favorite karaoke songs.

Anyway, I found a little state park down the road from my grandparents and wandered around there for a while:






One would think, being a fire sign, that I wouldn’t really like the water, but it seems that the opposite is the case. Once I lived in Southern Oregon about as far from the water as you could get and still live in the same state, and I can’t even express how much I missed it. There’s just something about watching it and listening to it that soothes my soul.

So basically I sat right there and took those pics and listened to some music for about an hour, then I motored on up the road through a few podunk towns in the middle of nowhere, and turned around when it started looking too metropolis. Then I headed back to the grandparents and got my baby fix with my 8 month old nephew. It was a perfect, perfect day. I need more perfect days like that. Know what I mean?

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