doin’ it myself.

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Historically, In the 2N Casa of Looooooove, one would expect to enter my living room, sit on my couch, and be subjected to non-stop Food Network, Discovery, History, or Science channels. Even when no one was home…the Dogs need education too.

All of that is now in the past, however, now that I have discovered…

DIY Network.

I’m serious, people. I turn it on when I wake up, I leave it on all day while I’m working, and I put it on mute at night when I go to bed. By now I figure the Dogs will be able to paint my living room, refinish my floors, and install the french door I want into the laundry room.

As you probably already know, I have been working on home projects in a most desultory manner over the last few years. I (mostly) painted my living room, (mostly) stained all my wood trim, (mostly) landscaped the backyard, and (mostly) added a deck to the back of the house.

I can see a whole new slew of (mostly) new projects coming up. Do you know, in the past week alone, I have learned how to weatherproof my doors and windows, apply stain to an old fence, apply tile, remove carpenter ants, the theory behind replacing windows, how to make a pillow out of an old shirt, how to make a turtle-shaped toybox, how much it will typically cost to remodel a kitchen, and how to make fragrant sachets for my lingerie drawer (thank you, Martha Stewart. I hate you.)

Kids have visions of sugarplums in their heads? I have visions of new wall colors, a new kitchen, and a remodeled front porch. It’s all very exciting. My friends, I am sure, are rolling their eyes as they read this because they have SEEN the half-finished stain on my baseboards and the half-ass paint job, but this time, I’m SERIOUS! Seriously.

One of my ultra organized friends who shall remain nameless in order to protect her privacy has this cool thing she does where she cuts out pictures of things she likes, which helps her remain focused on her goals. Me? I have paint samples. In every color by every manufacturer you can imagine. I have scribbles on paper and I can’t sleep. This is ridiculous.

It’s been a while since I blogged – next time, if you’re wondering, I’m DIYing. It’s so dirty sounding, I love it.

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