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I am disgruntled. The day isn’t even half over yet and already I have been aggravated more than I usually am in a week:

Aggravation 1: I had one bowl left of my favorite microwaveable Minestrone soup. I had just got done heating it up when SPLAT! I knocked it all over the floor. Not only did I not get to eat any (and I was SO looking forward to it!) but then I had to clean up the mess.

Aggravation 2: As I was pulling the slip cover off the couch to wash it, a big black spider crawled across the top. I whacked it with a towel and it flew somewhere but I don’t know where.

Aggravation 3: No matter how frequently I sweep and/or vacuum the floors, I still encounter the most ginormous dog-hair dust-bunnies you have ever seen in your life. Pretty soon I shall start naming them or looking for shapes like in clouds.

Aggravation 4: The neighbors are putting in a rock wall. Not ONLY is mine still unfinished, but it’s been only a few hours and they and their stupid bobcat have gotten further along in one morning than I have in months. Plus I am fairly certain they and their fancy-pants bobcat have damaged the side of MY wall that was there first. Bah.

Aggravation 5: I am almost out of Oxyclean and laundry soap and I have ZERO desire to drive to the store to obtain more.

GAH. Oh well. I am sure that these are but momentary irritations and by the end of the day, when my dust bunnies are cleared, all my laundry is clean, and the neighbors have a beautifully new rock wall, that I will have forgotten all about this morning. Maybe I’m just getting all the angst out at once.

We can hope.

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