yep it is…

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with a mouth full of gum.

…a Mom’s Day blog.

You know what gets me? When your ex tells your kid that he can choose between hanging out with his mom on mother’s day or go to a baseball game with his dad and entire rest of the Brady Bunch family.

Like what kid is going to choose to hang out with his mom instead? Please. THEN, it’s really enjoyable when the ex tells the kid this before dropping him off with his mom, and then tells the mom that “You know, whatever, I told him he could choose, you guys work it out and let me know.”

he’s a self-portrait-taker too…just like mom.

Bah. Bah, I say!

So instead of the day together having breakfast and going to the park that I had planned, I got up extra early, got dressed and tried to take the Kid to IHOP. Except IHOP was overly populated with that particular breed of Sunday morning, pre-church going, Mother’s Day celebrating assholes and we couldn’t get a seat and food in time in order to meet the Ex in time for the stupid baseball game. Which, it transpires, included other exes, just not me.



I have a blog that I meant to do for Mother’s Day, and so I shall.

My favorite things about being a mom:

  • Conversations like this one.
  • When the first thing you hear in the morning and the last thing before bed is, “I love you.”
  • When someone tells him that he’s got dimples like his mommy and he says, “No, my mom has lines. I have holes.”
  • When the sound of him singing with the music on the iPod drowns out the radio. My very own karaoke superstar progeny.
  • Catching his eye in the rear view mirror to see him watching just in case, then seeing him smile.
  • When he shares stuff like this.
  • Knowing that no matter what, there’s someone that loves me.
  • Making sure he knows that no matter what, there’s someone that loves him.
  • The feeling of knowing that there’s someone whose life I place above my own.
  • And lastly, getting cards like this one (captioned for your reading enjoyment):

(In the hearts it says “I Love You”.)

A mother is…who is always loves you so much, that getes you stuf.

Note my snazzy blue pants, red shoes and side pony tail. I hope he inherited my fashion sense.

I love my mother because…she cooks me so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much cookies.

(Even though I don’t.)

I really like being with my mother…any time.
If I could get my mother something special, it would be…a credit card. 😐

Note the special card with the photo on it so my identity doesn’t get stolen, and presumably I will then always have money to “gete him stuf.” So thoughtful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. I am off to get a pedicure and color my hair. Woot!

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