the joys of being gimpy

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Are you surprised? Of course not. When one considers how I have had a softball line drive to my leg, fallen off a boat into a dock, walked into walls, tripped over my own feet, and so on and so forth, is it any wonder that I would dance a little too enthusiastically and sprain my knee?

Of course not.

For the record, I was NOT dropped – I was trying to be dipped and then twisted my knee wrong and it gave out. At which point I became dead weight and was “ungracefully lowered to the floor”. Which is understandable – that’s like 1?? pounds of dead weight 2N coming right at you. Combine that with my intrinsic clumsiness and there was no chance to save the situation.

The bad news is, it’s a sprained medial collateral ligament, and a torn meniscus. It should take about 6 weeks to heal and the doctor says that by then I should see at least a 50% decrease in the pain. Is it just me or is that a not very good prognosis?

The good news is, I have some wonderful pain medication and have to stay in bed for a week. Oh darn.

Not being on aforementioned pain medications at the present time, I won’t be able to demonstrate their effect on my blogging skills, however I anticipate that later tonight I will be able to provide you with many examples. Considering how so far they are making me babble like a moron about everything under the sun, these should be fairly interesting.

Anyway. That’s why I’m on pain meds and leaving dumb comments. So you know.

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