nerdy thing number 1,547

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For those of you that know me in real life, you probably know what these are.

For those of you that don’t (yet), these are my karaoke cards.

Yes. I have index cards with my karaoke songs on them. Yes, I take them to the bar with me and use them instead of looking in the book all the time. Yes, I have spilled many a drink on them. Yes, I have taken a huge amount of crap about having them, but you know what? I don’t care.

These cards are so useful! When I hear someone sing something, I’m always thinking to myself, “2N! You could totally sing that!” So I look it up and write it down. Then, next time, when I’m wondering what to sing…voila! It’s right there on my handy dandy little cards. I even carry cards for some of my friends who are too cool to carry their own. My friends also like to flip through and pick out songs they want to hear. They have lived a long, useful, and productive life.


For all things there is a season, and for my cards…that season is coming to a close.




Yes. It’s true. I have replaced the old cards with my very own, turquoise blue, hard cover index card wheel.

Yes, I just spent an hour transferring all my songs to the new card wheel. No, it’s not in alphabetical order. Yes, I’m sure I will spill more drinks on it, such is just The Way Of 2N. It’s a beautiful thing and I love it.

I’m going to put stickers on the outside and use it tonight! Wooooot!

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