la blues

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While not as depressing as many other things I could mention, I have to say: it sucks having to walk two flights of stairs to my hotel room. AT LEAST two times a day up and two times a day down. This is because I leave in the morning, come back to drop my shit off before dinner, then back down and back up when I’m done with dinner. We can probably throw in a few thousand extra trips just banking on the fact that I will almost always get to the bottom of all those stairs and realize I left something important and work related in my room – such as my wallet, or my fucking computer, for example.

For shit’s sake.

Here I am in LA, and I will say with tremendously smug satisfaction that it is sunny here and has been raining at home. Naturally, I have been outside every chance I get to soak up the sun. I figure if I store enough up then maybe I will make it through the rest of this miserable excuse for a summer in the Seattle metro area. This is ridiculous, people. I haven’t had to water the garden hardly at all, it’s been raining so much. Another good thing about being in LA is visiting Fucking Fenner’s Flapjacks whatever with my bestgoodfriend Kristen. Even if she did pull a 2N and forget her wallet. I was kicking myself this morning for not getting a pic of us together, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Unfortunately, however, it is with tremendous smug-free DISsatisfaction that I tell you every night this week I have worked such long hours that by the time I venture forth from the office, the sun is just going down. I foolishly had hoped that I would have some sunning time, but it seems that my breaks are my only sun-soaking opportunity. This definitely bums me out.

I will say, additionally, that Lakers fans scare me. It was game whatever of the Finals tonight and I thought I’d have a quick drink and dinner at the Macaroni Grill before hitting the sack…except that the bar was packed with a mix of Celtics and Lakers fans and I am not afraid to say that they scared the crap out of me. So much so that I only had one drink with my dinner. That’s okay though because on Monday my genius self bought a fifth of peach vodka and some cran-peach juice and I still have half of each left.

Which brings me to my next point: about now I’m sitting alone in my hotel room, where it’s kinda lonely, missing the dogs (though I’m told they have been total shits all week) and I’m staring a half a fifth of peach vodka in the eyeballs and wondering how I’m going to drink all of it by tomorrow when I have to fly home. It is really, really going to hurt if I have to leave it here or dump it down the sink at the airport. Seriously, it will. I think I would actually cry – Absolut is not cheap! I am debating my chances of drinking most of it before passing out tonight but I have to say it’s not looking good, peeps. Not good at all.

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