rocky horror and dog washing

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As anyone who has seen the movie at home and either a theater showing of it or a live play of it, The Rocky Horror Show is a completely different experience live than when sitting at home watching it with popcorn.

As I found out yesterday, when I went to a showing in Olympia with my friend Mike.




I couldn’t take pictures in the theater, since it was a live performance…but, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it and likes funky crazy transsexual humor (and who doesn’t, really?)…I highly recommend it.

Then, today, it was Dog Washing Day. Since I knew it was coming and the Dogs did not, I took them to Starbucks for a little treat.

When I first started going to Starbucks with the Dogs, this one particular barista used to always ask whether I wanted whipped cream for the Dogs. I always said no, thinking that no self-respecting Dog would ever be caught dead eating whipped cream out of a little cup. Apparently, I was wrong:


She is actually licking the bottom of the cup. It’s a delicacy where she comes from, I guess.

After the treat, it was time for The Bath. The Dog went first:




The Bitch, knowing what was coming next, hid:


But I got her in the end:




The upside being that now I have two nice and clean, pretty smelling Dogs:



So now they’re all clean, but I smell like wet Dog. Off to take a shower. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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