attention team!

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Yes, yes, it’s me back from the dead. Again.

Two very important things happened today.

One, I got my nails and toes did…and two, I acquired this:

oh, yeah. most definitely.

Porn Star. Need I say more? One has to also appreciate how very little it takes to make me happy, seriously. It’s a problem, I think.

My neighbors (the cop-and-karate-instructors-ones, not the foghorn ones) decided not to stop at outdoing me with their fabulous rock wall, and went ahead and put up a fence. A really nice, beautiful, six foot high fence. This is actually a good thing because now that’s one whole side I don’t have to fence myself, and I am pretty sure that my property value increased at least a little bit by default. Plus now I can pretty much walk around stark naked without worrying that they can see right in. Not that I didn’t before, I just felt bad about exposing them to a 2N in all her white (aside from the arms), jiggly, naked glory. Woot!

What else, what else…

I just got back from California, again. I head back there in September for 11 days which will be fun, I think. Any time work pays for a weekend in a foreign city, one has to be kind of excited, I think.

95 degrees and counting today, it must be. Seriously hot. Us Pacific Northwesterners can’t handle it, we wilt. We shrivel up and die from lack of rain, I think. It’s a sad thing. I have the air conditioning on full blast, and fully intend to throw away the energy bill when it comes.

Okay, enough small talk. I’m off to read the 347 blogs that have been posted in my absence. Cheers!

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