rambling snowthoughts


I have three blogfriends! So exciting.

So Punk came and got his stuff yesterday. I told him I didn’t want to be in the house when he came and he said I was being a petty 5 year old. Which I think is dumb because a) I may be five but I’m not petty, and b) why on earth would I want to sit in the house and watch him haul out the last vestiges of our relationship together? I mean, really.

I hear from friends that he’s getting back together with his ex, and that she “feels really bad” and like she’s a “homewrecker”.


I hope she feels bad. I hope they BOTH feel bad. I hope they have sex and his penis falls off. Seriously.

Yes, I’m bitter.

I’m bitter because I feel like I wasn’t important. Like I didn’t even make a difference in his life, when he made such a difference in mine. I’m bitter because he’s telling all our friends how bad SHE feels, when she’s the one who won, so what the hell does she have to feel bad about? Spare me.

The Kid said “fuck” the other day. I think by the time I was done ripping him a brand new asshole, he pretty much decided that next time that would be a bad idea.

He did, however, give a homeless guy $2 the other day. As we drove away he told me, “Mom, even though I love money, I love helping people more.”


I am getting two new roommates in February: SuperMan and Roo. The problem is that PVDD still has stuff here from when he moved out last January, including one stationary pickup truck taking up room in my driveway. Fortunately, the two new roomies are the perfect reason to tell him to come and get his stuff FOR REAL this time. I spoke to him yesterday and forcefully impressed upon him that the stuff needs to be gone by mid January. I’m really hoping that it will because I’d hate to get nasty, I am trying to keep things cool since we’re still friends. But jeez, I am not a freaking storage unit for all my ex boyfriends.

In happier news, I kinda met someone. Angry Little Band Geek is a guy I’ve known for a while, and I had a crush on him sorta (well a lot) when Punk and I were dating. Just so happens, when Punk dumped me on my ass, it seemed a perfect opportunity to check out the situation there. Turns out, the feeling is reciprocated.

Being that I’m so bitter at the moment, it’s slow going but I anticipate that before long I’ll have a good thing going there. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!

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