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Monopoly (or, “Bodoply” when I’m sick and my nose is stuffed and I can’t pronounce m’s or n’s very well, as has been the case a time or two over the past month) is pretty much the best game ever invented. For my iPhone, anyway.
I downloaded it for a whopping 7.99 about a month ago, and didn’t play it except once up until about two weeks ago. Since then I don’t think I’ve cracked a book once. Obviously I haven’t blogged much either.

It’s Bodoply’s fault, I tell you.

There’s something about the trading of properties and slow collection of millions upon millions of dollars, combined with the quiet (or, sometimes loud, depending on how many apple martinis I’ve had) satisfaction of bankrupting the poor computer player and getting all his properties that is just totally addictive.

Second place is Scrubs.

Euphemisms aside, I love this show. Literally. Over the past three weeks I have purchased all six seasons on DVD. I am currently in the midst of the first disc in season 1. I think this will come close to competing with my absolute and utter adoration of the Office. Seriously. Hard to believe, I know, but true.

Roomies are all moved in. They and their cat (henceforth FatCat because, well, he is simply the fattest cat I have ever seen) are comfortably ensconced in the former attic-turned-living-space. This has somewhat discommoded the Cat That Formerly Lived In The Attic since the door between the upstairs and downstairs is now permanently closed and she has nowhere to go to escape Demon Kitty. FatCat doesn’t have any claws in his liddle front paws so we’re thinking that its best if he and Demon Kitty never meet. Hence, closed door.

We had like, a minute of snow yesterday. I only got to use four wheel drive once before it all melted which kind of sucks but I guess that’s better than three weeks of ice and snow that we just got done with, so…whatever.

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