are you drinking or pouring?

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Band Geek had an interesting observation yesterday about whether the glass is half full or half empty…”it depends on whether you’re drinking or pouring.”

So basically, it depends where you start. Do you start with a full glass and drink half of it? Or do you start with an empty glass and fill it up?

This is an interesting metaphor for everyday life. Starting the day with an empty glass might mean that we’re totally open to what might happen that day, and everything that happens gives us energy and adds to our cup of water – a half full glass all day. Alternatively, we could start the day with a full glass of water, without any room for anything else, and spend all day draining our glass until it’s half empty.

Most likely I’m reading way too much into the comment, but it seems to make sense to me.

Instinctively, I look at this picture and think, half full. I can’t help it. MAYBE, on a really really bad day, it might be sorta less than half full maybe more towards partly empty but really. I feel pretty fortunate that most days, MOST days, my glass is permanently half full.

Lately my glass-is-half-full philosophy has been pretty well tested, though, my friends. It hasn’t been very fun. I miss writing and I wish I wouldn’t go through the day forgetting to write until I’m just at the point of falling asleep and have really great blogs run through my head when I’m too tired to get up and go post. That part really sucks because I think I’ve composed like twenty blogs in the last month. They were mostly pity party feel bad for me types, but still. It was writing.

I feel kind of flat lately. One dimensional. I’m a little afraid of getting stagnant, maybe that’s why I’m making a special effort to write tonight to actually do something a little different.

On another note, the ONLY thing about these stupid fire safe cigarettes is that they don’t go out while I’m smoking. This is the ONLY thing.

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