cheesy poos. yeah, you read it right.

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IMG_1115TWO in one DAY? Stock up your storm cellars with bottled water and Spam because the end of the world is nigh.

Aside from fond cheesy poof remembrances, today has been a good day. Recently, I’ve gotten into scrapbooking, of all things. It’s my mom’s fault. I will say though that it combines three of my favorite things: writing, photography, and creating things with construction paper and glue. It’s pretty fabulous.

I’ve filled three books so far. This is pretty amazing to me because many times I tend to go all gung ho on a new hobby and then kind of lose steam and end up with hundreds of dollars in supplies and zero motivation to actually use said supplies. This particular hobby has been going on for three or four months now, though, and still going strong, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

At any rate, I had this idea that I could take some of my old blogs and turn them into scrapbook pages. I like this idea because so far, though I like the designs I’ve been creating, the writing has been a little flat. It gets the point across and adequately describes what the page is about, but there’s a spark lacking that I have in my blogs and I haven’t yet been able to assay onto my scrapbook pages. I’m hoping if I build the page around the writing, I might end up with some really cool stuff.

My first one? The Ode, of course. Generations from now my descendants will know how much I loved cheesy poofs (and can I just say, this keyboard on this laptop I’m using sometimes skips letters and I just wrote ‘cheesy poos’). What better legacy can I leave? Seriously.

On other fronts, I am making some small headway in getting the Kid to eat more variety than just hot dogs, cereal and donuts. It’s challenging. We had casserole tonight (yes one of my MOST AWESOMEST casseroles) and he complained and bitched and moaned until I finally sent him to bed. He got up and tried twice more to finish, the first time taking 30 minutes before I lost patience, and the second time twenty minutes. He finally finished at 9:30…after dinner was ready at 6:00. Times like these I can’t help but trot out the “You know, when I was a kid…”

I always hated that as a kid, and I can’t imagine that he likes it any better. There are times, though, that I don’t much care.

One thing that I’ve been excited about lately is taking some kind of trip. Anywhere. All my travels to LA have netted me a respectable frequent flier mile cache, which I plan to use to good effect sometime next year. I’m thinking…Hawaii. I found condos for rent on the beach there for like $95 a night! Cheaper than a hotel AND no pesky maids! Woot!

What else, what else…

IMG_0832The Dog went to the vet and was diagnosed with seborrhea. Apparently this is an allergy related skin problem with no cure, but is manageable. It causes severe flaking and itchiness for the poor dog, who is then scratching and chewing himself all the time. This results in the most god-awful smell and a big bald spot on his butt.

After the trip to the vet, I got some food additive called Missing Link and some special shampoo which I am supposed to use twice a week until the flakiness goes away. He ALSO got a steriod shot to help with the itching. Incredibly, I didn’t spend my ENTIRE paycheck on the damn dog but it came close. On the bright side, my house no longer smells like rancid dog and he’s got hair back on his butt. So all in all I think we came out ahead there.

Work is going pretty well actually. I got a promotion back in November or something, the one I’ve been working on for a couple years now. It’s been really, truly, totally awesome. I can say that on the whole, I really do love my job. The raise and potential bonuses don’t hurt either. 😀

Anyway. It’s late and I have to get up with the sun tomorrow to take Kiddo to school. He’s out on Friday and will be spending the entire week with me, which I am very excited about. I think we’ll have casserole every night!

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