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So, I’m wondering if having a blog site that I actually have to pay a little bit of money to have (thereby securing my nifty URL) might actually make me post more. This is the up side. The down side is that now I need to move some posts from my two (2) other blog sites.

I’m actually not thinking that I will move all of my old posts over. I may keep my other site for all the stuff that shouldn’t really be out there for general consumption – and then this site can be used for stuff I wouldn’t mind if everyone on my Facebook read. This, as some may know, is a departure from my previous blog where pretty much if it entered my head, it ended up on my blog. I blame this on growing up; that and the fact that most of the people I work with are also on my Facebook. This necessitates a little filtering, I think, if I am to retain the sterling reputation at work that I currently enjoy (cough, ahem.)

So what will I put on here? I’m thinking day to day stuff that strikes me as funny, ridiculous, or touching; perhaps a little bit about scrapbooking (ugh, I know) and sewing. Maybe even some posts on some of the outfits I’ve been working on, hmmmm?

In reality, I’m fooling myself into believing that more than one or two people will actually end up on this page reading this blog, but it’s a comforting fantasy. We’ll see how it works out.

Now, off to migrate over some posts!

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