newfangled technologies

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You know, it’s a lot easier to blog now than it was before, technologically speaking. I can blog from my computer, my phone, OR my iPad. Wouldn’t this tend to indicate that easier blogging = more blogs?

In fact, I’m blogging from my iPad right now, though the typing process is less than ideal. I can see how this could be dangerous though – easier accessibility could lead to blogging at inappropriate times and places – talk about a REAL drunked blog from the bar!

There are benefits to this new site – I don’t have to keep a blogalog anymore – this page handily shows an archive on the right and also I can do my own categorization. I think there’s even a search function though with the small number of posts I have so far, I haven’t needed it.

On the drawbacks side, I actually have to work hard to spell things wrong…this could be good or bad depending on how devoted you are to the lexicon.

Okay, back to work. This was fun. I’ll put more archives on here later – maybe with my iPad!

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