pontifications on the holidays

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This draft feature is pretty cool. When an idea strikes me I can just jot down a few notes from wherever I am and save it as a draft so I can add to it later! I am all up to speed, technology-wise, my friends. I am DIALED IN!

Anyway, right now I’m writing about the holidays. I am sure I will have more thoughts on this subject as the month progresses, so I have added a category just for holidays (further examples of aforementioned technology-dialed-in-ness)!

My Frist Turkey

First, Thanksgiving. I am pleased (and somewhat self-impressed) to announce that BandGeek and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and I baked (roasted?) a turkey! Quite the contrast when you consider my previous postings about getting bewildered just trying to shop for groceries!

Also I’d like to discuss how Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year. BandGeek works at a local department store here and they’ve had Christmas stuff before Halloween! The day after Thanksgiving, I was in the grocery store (thankfully non-bewildered) and they were playing Christmas music. As if that weren’t enough, even before Thanksgiving my Facebook friends were already putting up Christmas trees!

Doesn’t it seem like we should have a moment of silence for one holiday before jumping straight into the next? Otherwise they just all blend together. Of course, it doesn’t help that my birthday is at the beginning of December. This means that either a) people try to combine my birthday and Christmas presents (TOTALLY uncool) or b) it gets lost between all the thanksgiving and Christmas kerfluffle. Either scenario puts your beloved 2N into a state of serious despondency.

All in all, I LOVE Christmas but I am going to boycott it until at least December 5. That gives me two days to recover from my birthday and have my moment of silence before freaking out over Christmas.

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