in which i get even more dialed in than i was yesterday

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My friends, this just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

I am drowning in awesomeness today. Please pardon the excess of exclamation marks; this kind of awesomeness just kind of demands it.

Let’s recap:

  1. This is my 202nd all-time blog post! Holy cow! And that’s only including the ones I felt were worth putting on this blog. If you counted all the mindless drivel that was on MySpaz that didn’t move here, then jeez, I’m probably at 547. Well, maybe not that many, but a lot. 202 is a lot! I think my birfday blog must have been my 200th post, which is strangely poetic, I think.
  2. 20121130-155429.jpg
    currently so unused it actually has a layer of dust on it. it’s light…but it’s there.

    It’s Friday. Woot! That means there are only two WEEKEND days left until my birfday and the 2012 Birfday Extravaganza!

  3. I got Instagram for my phone! This can be either good or bad, depending on whether you’re my phone or my Nikon. If you’re my phone, you’re excited because I’ll be using you more often to create nifty photos on the go; if you’re my Nikon, you’re worried that you won’t get as much quality 2N time anymore. No fear, Nikon; I still love you and will be taking you with me to the 2012 Birfday Extravaganza!
  4. I got a keyboard for my iPad for my birfday! How awesome is this?? I didn’t even know they made these. Now, to be fair, this is THE tiniest keyboard in the world, and that’s saying something because I do also have the Apple bluetooth keyboard for my Mac. So it will take some getting used to. Still, though, it’s easier to type on than the native iPad keyboard. What does this mean for you? Why, more blogs and Facebook comments, of course, now that it won’t take five years for me to get them out. That can only be a good thing!

In other news: I have a “modern torture devices” blog cooking for either later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how late I want to work on actual work-related items. I am going to the store tomorrow to see if I can find a dress for the Birfday Extravaganza (if not, no fear; I have a dress all ready which, yes, I made with my own two hands!). Also I’m going to see if I can add a little more organization to my blog page as well as try to find some more blogs to subscribe to. My “reader” is looking kind of slim right now.

Peace out.

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