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Well, it’s almost Christmas. Again.

This year I’m having a really hard time getting into the holiday swing! I only just got my tree put in its stand on Tuesday (having bought it the previous Saturday). So far it’s got two strings of lights, one piece of garland, and seven bobbles. I’ve definitely been procrastinating in the Christmas decoration department.

Procrastination is how I tend to deal with the holidays overall, actually. It takes me forever to get everything together…just in time for it to be over. Then I always take forever to take everything down. I can’t figure out why this is! It’s not like I had terrible Christmases as a kid…they were always awesome. I look forward to Christmas every year, I love buying and giving gifts – I just lose momentum when it comes to decorating the house or even the tree.

Poor tree.

At least there are some presents under it! I am still expecting a few more to be delivered (I’m sure it will be after Christmas, at this rate) and I still need to get to the store to pick up one or two for the Kid, but at least there are presents.

I did take a stab at some exterior decorating this year, however.

Four (4) snowflakes, one string of twinklel lights, and a bunch of sparkly snowflake things that you can't even see from the street.
Four (4) snowflakes, one string of twinkle lights, and a bunch of sparkly snowflake things that you can’t even see from the street.

My window has lights on it, though! And these weird sparkly snowflake thingies that my mom gave me. I also have a straggly looking string of four lighted snowflakes in the front yard. When one compares my decorations to my neighbors’…one can tell that I am Christmasly challenged.

My neighbor down the street. It exhausts me just looking at it.
Neighbor next door. Also exhausting.
Neighbor next door. Also exhausting.

Is it that I’m spending too much time working this year? Things have been way crazier at work than they usually are at the end of the year. For those that didn’t read my Facebook post yesterday, I was so busy that I didn’t realize until the end of the day that I was running around all day with my pants on inside out.

That is indeed why they pay me the big bucks, friends.

Sometimes it seems like since most of the time it’s just BandGeek and me, that we let the whole Christmas spirit pass us by a little bit. I mean, MAYBE I’ll get the tree decorated by Christmas morning…only to take it down again the week after because, by God, this year I am certainly not going to miss my chance to get the tree out to the curb when the city is doing its free Christmas tree pickup.

Do you think they’d take last year’s tree which is still sitting just outside my back door?

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