effing mosquitos

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Here’s what I’m wondering today:

1. How does one get a mosquito bite on the bottom of one’s foot?


2. Do you have any idea how much a mosquito bite on the bottom of your foot ITCHES?

I think I’m going to die.Modified by CombineZP Seriously. For whatever reason it itches even more at night just before I head to bed, so I just lie there trying to get to sleep and trying not to scratch the damn thing at the same time. Because when I do, it feels good for a second and then it TICKLES because it’s on the BOTTOM of my FOOT, in case I forgot to mention.

Sorry about the gross ACTUAL mosquito picture, I had meant to get a cartooney one but it cost money! And, well, I love my blog but I’m not sure I’m cool with paying money for an image to put in my blog.

In other news, I am traveling to Nashville then Los Angeles next week. It will be a long week, but nice mileage in the ol’ rewards program. Planning to meet up with some new friends! So that should be fun.

Anyway. Just a short and sweet Saturday night blog, easy because I’m not doing much of anything but hunting up photos of mosquitos on the internet and still (STILL!) moving over blogs from my old MySpaz account.

Oh and doing dishes.

photo credit: Macreando via photopin cc

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