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wilson’s busy day

Meet Wilson. I won him in a raffle at my favorite karaoke bar. Since we met, he and I have been inseparable.



Normally Wilson lives on my dashboard. He has asked for some double sided sticky tape so that he doesn’t fly off quite so easily, especially when I go racing around tight corners such as those in the Starbucks drive-through. Many’s the time I’ve had to pull over and pull Wilson out of some crack or crevice of the car that he went flying into after I turned a corner.




What’s cool about Wilson is that he has a solar strip on his back, so that when we go traveling together, his wings flap softly up and down as long as there’s even a little bit of light. Obviously, that and his scintillating conversation. Oh, the discussions we’ve had!

Anyway. We had a busy day today!

First we went to get coffee. Wilson asks that you focus on the emotional content of the photograph and not the bugs splattered across my windshield. That’s next on our to-do list!


Next, he took the Dog for a walk while I did laundry. As you can see, Wilson and Dog are great friends.


Then Wilson helped me do the dishes. He’s such a good little helper!


He and the Roomba made short work of the floors. It’s Wilson’s favorite way to spend an afternoon.


Now we’re just hanging out as I write this blog, trying to figure out what we’ll do tomorrow.

The opera maybe? I bet I could find Wilson a real nice tuxedo.

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