I feel clever, oh so clever…

Well, I’m off to Nashville this morning. Then to Los Angeles! While 9 AM flight times are a damn sight better than 7 or 8 AM (and we won’t even address 6 AM) departures, they still suck. Especially when you’re a) not a morning person and b) trying to dye your roots before getting in the shower.

It’s been a frantic morning…
But at least my coffee cup matches.


In other news, I’m quite pleased with myself and my McGuyverness this morning:


When I went to put my sunglasses on, the arm was missing! Now, I could have purchased another pair at the airport or something, but I didn’t want to. Why? Because I’m cheap.

So instead I used the smallest safety pin I could find and stuck it through the hinge.

Sunglasses: saved.


There’s your daily dose of 2N. You’re welcome.

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