when hotel rooms start to feel like apartments…and other highly meaningless drivel

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So, I’m in Los Angeles, California today. And, as mentioned previously, earlier this week I was in Nashville. I’ve spent like, almost eleven hours on planes so far this week and another five hours in airports. I’ve been in four cities in two days. I’m whining for effect here but seriously, I’ve kind of lost track of what day it is, let alone what timezone I’m in.

And in LA, my hotel room is like this:



Yes that is a refrigerator, stove, AND dishwasher. It’s like a studio apartment. Though you can see that it’s extra fancy (and environmentally conscious!) as evidenced here:


That is a REAL cup inside the plastic wrap. Obviously, if it says it on the label it MUST be true. Still, I have reservations so all I’m using it for is to put my phone in to amplify the volume of my Morning Mix playlist while getting ready in the morning. It just feels safer that way.

I really enjoy California. I met some new friends this week which has been extra fun and great conversations.

As far as rental cars go…this was a new one for me:


This was in Nashville, surprisingly. Are you seeing this? It looks suspiciously like a SmartCar of which I made copious fun of in a previous post, but it’s not. It’s a Nissan Versa. And…I didn’t hate it.

No it’s not a sexy car, and I’ll be honest it doesn’t go fast and won’t really blow your hair back on the freeway, but…I didn’t hate it. So chalk one up for the gas-saver toy cars. Woot!

Tomorrow is an (already scheduled) Throwback Thursday blog for your reading enjoyment. This one is…well, it’s a way to say I blogged today, only just barely and I guess it depends on which time zone I’m in at the moment. So just look at the pretty pictures and pretend I said lots of witty and meaningful things.

I do have some fun pictures to share from my night out in Nashville but I really want to save that post for when I can do it justice so it will need to wait till I get home.

Now it’s off to bed so I can try to be a responsible working professional tomorrow and show up on time with my game face on.


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