throwback thursdays (vol. 2): on pedometers

Now that there are all these fancy watches and wristbands and iPhone apps that track everything from your heart rate to how well you sleep at night, there is not much of a market for stand-alone, clip on pedometers that only measure how many steps you take in a day and translate that into miles and calories using some ridiculous conversion that I swear would mean I must be about 20 pounds lighter than I am.

Way back when, however, my pedometer and I…well, we had a special relationship. So when it died, it is natural that I would have written an ode to it.

You’re welcome.

death of a pedometer

Originally written on February 15, 2007


This one comes with it’s own tbt photo! – February 2007

Friends, it grieves me to report that it appears that my trusty pedometer has counted its last step.

No more shall its cheerful digital readout confirm the pace of my steps, no more shall it smile with benificence upon my lost calories, no more shall I report with giddy glee on the number of steps I have taken today.

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