hold is not my smartphone


So, yesterday I bought some purses. For those that know me, this is nothing new.


I was really excited about these ones since they not only fit my phone in the zippered pocket, but they come with a handy little wrist strap. These two things (hopefully) will contribute to fewer instances of losing my phone, my ID and credit cards, and/or all of the above.


What I was NOT excited about what this:



I don’t know who Hold is, but he’s certainly not my smartphone.

Apostrophes are so simple, seriously. It drives me crazy that even in commercial print they can’t get it right.

This site explains it really well. In summary, apostrophes are used to:

  • Indicate possession
    • 2N’s = belonging to 2N
    • Exception for possessive pronouns like itsthe tree lost its leaves. It’s = It is, Its = belonging to it. Same for yours and hers.
  • Indicate where letters have been dropped in contractions
    • There’s = there is
    • He’s = he is
  • To show possession for a plural noun that already ends in ‘s’
    • The girls’ jackets got lost = the girls had jackets, and lost them
  • NOT used to indicate plurals, or (as in this case) the present tense of a verb.
    • There are only a few times it would be used to indicate plurals – as in when you wouldn’t normally see a plural of the given word, like if’sand’s and but’s.

It’s not hold’s – it’s just holds.

That’s a little knowledge dropped on your ass this fine Monday morning. I’ll do one later for my other grammatical pet peeve…your versus you’re.

You’re welcome.

4 comments on “hold is not my smartphone”

  1. Subway had inconsistent capitalization on their napkins for awhile – that drove me so crazy that I wrote them an email asking why. They never wrote me back. As for ‘your/you’re’ I feel like 1% of the popular uses the correct your/you’re.

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