seriously, goodness sakes, 2N!

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So last night I was trying to experiment with new site headers and tag lines.

This was my one attempt, and then I gave up. And you can see that I couldn’t even come up with a tagline to put in there.



I’m clearly not cut out to be a graphic designer. It took me like, seriously, hours to make this. I am Photoshopically challenged.

Nor am I cut out to be a copyeditor, since I couldn’t come up with an interesting tagline either.

  • Bringing you bloggity bits of goodness since 2006. Seriously.
  • Now with even MORE llama.
  • READ ME. Everyone’s doing it.

So, in desperation, I turned to a free tagline generator. I decided to use key words that come out of my keyboard and/or real life mouth on a fairly regular basis:


  • A radical new seriously.
  • Get your daily dose of seriously.
  • Seriously keeps them coming back.
  • Seriously, any time of day.


  • To 2N, or not to 2N.
  • It all comes back to 2N.
  • Women love 2N. (honestly, who doesn’t??)
  • Long live 2N.

Goodness Sakes

  • Goodness sakes beams with quality.
  • Where is your goodness sakes?
  • Goodness sakes: just what you needed.
  • Just gotta have goodness sakes.

I was hoping they would be soooo much funnier. I’m not feeling ANY of these! Where is my inspiration when I need it?

PS: And just before I click Publish, a Comcast Triple Play advertisement comes on, and its tagline:

Get your geek on.

GAH! Taken!

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