train wrecks in the grocery line

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As I was in the grocery line yesterday morning, after having obtained my daily Starbucks (or as some would say, Suxbux) coffee, the computer systems went down.

While this fact is not immediately pertinent to today’s topic, it did afford me some extra time standing idle that I put to good use perusing the wide variety of print media available to grocery store customers.

I mean, I blog right? I tend to splash a breathtaking array of personal information all over the interwebs. Well, at least a small portion of it. Very small. Minuscule, really.

Regardless, one would think that I wouldn’t think much of reading stuff like “Gwyneth: Homewrecker!” and “Travolta: I Prefer Men to Women!”. Right?




Except, it’s different. When I blog, I’m choosing what to share and how. I don’t have paparazzi or nosy reporters following me around on a daily basis (though honestly, with my glamorous lifestyle I can see how you’d assume that) and so if I want to share something I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to see supposedly “intimate” details about my life splashed across the front pages of tawdry magazines like this, to be believed and devoured by anyone that happens by.

In trolling Google for more nuggets of info to include today, I found this article by Rolling Stone reporter Stephen Rodrick. It’s really amazing to think that some of the stories you can see on those tabloids were actually called in by those celebrities themselves, or their agents. Complaining about paparazzi on one hand and using them to keep you relevant on the other hand seems so…icky.

I don’t even believe most of what I’m seeing on there! Maybe I’m too skeptical but most of it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would John Travolta choose to come out of the closet to the National Enquirer? I mean, really. I definitely believe that the Kardashians are primarily responsible for all their press since…what are they even famous for? They have to get into the news somehow. But a lot of this stuff, it’s like…jeez.

And all of this isn’t even mentioning that the primary focus of all these magazines seem to be women who don’t do anything but sit at home and read these things voraciously while snacking on the chocolate goodies considerately included just below all the magazines. Then they can also read about how Dr. Oz recommends this latest fat-buster or how their pH is making them fat.

Standing here, I am reading all the headlines and I can’t help it…it’s a train-wreck and I can’t look away.

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