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I found out today that boss #5 (over the last three years) has tendered his resignation, and his last day will be Friday.


On the one hand, I’m not too bothered since I only met him for five minutes during a recent team meeting in Nashville and spoke with him one-on-one for a grand total of three hours during his two-month tenure as my immediate supervisor. On the other hand, the conversations I did have with him seemed encouraging, and he complimented a lot of the work I’ve beed doing lately and in the past.

So, I’m conflicted. Another one bites the dust…and it makes me so nervous about my own job! If this latest guy is leaving because he doesn’t think the direction of our team is in alignment with his career goals, it makes me worried about where we’re heading and if it’s where want to go.

I will have worked at my company for thirteen years in November. I love my job! So many things are changing now, though, and so fast it’s just so…freaky. It seems so scary to think that I might need to dust off the old resume at some point and go find something I like better.

I always thought of myself as a big proponent of change: change is good, revitalizing, necessary. But now it seems beyond my control, out of my hands, and it’s freaking me out. I’m having a hard time sleeping, a hard time feeling engaged at work…just having a hard time some days.

My senior director tells me to sit tight and not worry and see how it all shakes out. I know it’s good advice, and that’s what I’ll try to do. But it’s hard! It really sucks.


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