on blogging

done…but not done


Those that are subscribed to this blog that are actual people will (most likely) be ecstatic to know that I have finally finished moving over all my blogs.

From both MySpaz and Blogspot, thankyouverymuch.

I couldn’t help but reread everything I moved over. It’s been…an experience. Reliving the last however many years of my life in real-life computer screen was like, remembering all over again what prompted those blogs in the first place. And let me tell you folks, it was definitely not pretty at times.

I believe I actually wrote at one point that I hoped an ex-boyfriend’s dick would fall off. That’s how bad it got.

I also found the worst drunked blog ever…which if you want to laugh at me and my ridiculousness, you should definitely take a peek at. I also found fodder for soooo many Throwback Thursday posts that it’s not even funny.

I saw that I posted nothing at all in 2013, and almost nothing at all in 2012, which was not at all the only extended hiatus I took. I also noticed that since I reinitiated my blogging drive a couple months ago, I have posted almost. every. single. day.


You can blame credit this nifty scheduling thing, plus how fun it is to blog on my iMac as opposed to either my work computer or my now-ancient Macbook. Which I did re-read about just tonight, in fact.

If you haven’t strolled through the archives, I would encourage you to do so. I have conscientiously added categories and tags to almost all my posts, and:

I have to confess.

Sometimes, honestly, I don’t get this whole tagging thing. I can’t ever think of the right thing to put, and I also suspect that I have duplicate tags that are just worded a little differently from some other one I already used.

Oh well.

Another bonus is that I finally consolidated all of my photos on one single computer (aforementioned iMac with ONE TERABYTE of storage) and therefore was able to add photos to a number of my old blogs that were previously missing wonderful and poignant illustrations.

I hope you do read, and I hope you like, AND I hope you stick around for more, because…I’m not done yet.

Writing, that is.

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