yet more travel and karaoke-bar-freakouts

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Another week of travel coming up for your beloved blogger The Unsinkable. This week it’s back to LA for a fun (or not) three-day series of meetings with developer-types and then a weekend of boating, drinking and fun with my LA besties! I shall endeavor both to not drop my phone in the water AND document my trip with my usual uncanny accuracy and poignant thoughtfulness.

You’re welcome.

In other news, I spent the weekend doing karaoke and consuming inordinate amounts of alcohol at my favorite karaoke bar for its 25th anniversary party!


First of all, karaoke is awesome. Drunk karaoke, even better. In fact, the point is NOT to be good but in fact to be the worst you can possibly be. As illustrated by this handy graph I found just for your karaoke edification:


After a few drinks, though…

I had the weirdest freak out at the bar, I’m not kidding.


This is my favorite place to go karaoke. I’ve been going there for the last six years. Was a time, before I moved half a state away (it seems like) when my drink would be waiting at the table before I even sat down. When the door guys waved me in because they knew who I was, when the karaoke host would know all my songs and be able to suggest one when I got stumped. The photo slideshow that played between songs was composed of 90% pictures of me and my friends and of the remaining I either took the photo or was there when it was taken.


Sunday night, though…it was all different. I was carded both by the door guy AND my waitress. I had to explain my drink. They charged me for my ranch! The karaoke guy was new, AND they had wierd posters and decorations all over the place! And there were no photos.

It was like I had come home after a business trip only to find that someone had moved into my house and rearranged everything and all my stuff was gone!

I freaked. It happens.

Everything pissed me off. I had to go get some air. I came thisclose to tearing down some of the stupid decorations. Aaaarrrggghhhhh! It was total emo night.

On the plus side, Superman and Roo drove me home in the Jeep and let me stand up through the roof once we turned onto my street. Always a good time where 2N is concerned.

How was everyone else’s weekends? Any karaoke-bar-freakouts or was I the only one?

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