off to a just wonderful start (/sarcasm)



I am writing this as I am a scant 3.5 hours into this trip and already I’ve had a spectacularly messy 2N travel first.

As usual, I couldn’t keep my eyes open during takeoff and snoozed my way happily to 10,000 feet, at which point the flight attendant came by: did I want anything to drink?

Why yes, please. A nice cold glass or orange juice would do me up just fine. I also ordered some of the breakfast, being as I got upgraded to first class on this trip and I don’t ever turn down the perks of being in first class.

I promptly fell back asleep until my food arrived, which is when it happened.

I had extended my tray so that the flight attendant could just place my food on there when it arrived. The problem was that I was dozing peacefully and when the food arrived, I’m not sure if it moving toward me woke me up or just startled me.

Either way, I came awake violently, arm flying out and knocking my orange juice right off the tray table and onto the floor. And my shoes. And my skirt. And the poor lady next to me. And her undoubtedly-expensive-because-this-is-first-class purse.


She was soooo nice about it. But still. Way to break the ice with my seat mate.

So now I’m sitting here with my feet resting in a pool of orange juice that I can’t quite reach, I’ve decided to limit myself to water from here on out, and the hem of my skirt is turning sticky.

I’d say I’m off to a wonderful start.

7 comments on “off to a just wonderful start (/sarcasm)”

  1. I was on a 14-hour flight during a business trip once. One of my workmates, who was seated next to me, saw fit to order some pre-flight champagne (to commemorate the start of our two-week adventure abroad). He set it down on the center console and leaned forward to dig through his pack for something. Just as I was about to pop open a book to read, his elbow jerked outward and back, knocking the glass over and dousing my shirt and pants in bubbly. I quipped, “Well, going through customs could be interesting. I might arrive without having had a drop of alcohol, yet would smell like a booze hound.”

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