throwback thursdays

throwback thursdays (vol. 7): pertaining to my starbucks addiction

Today’s Throwback Thursday post will make sense to anyone that knows anything about my favorite place in the world…Starbucks. Anyone that knows me, knows the pure rage that overcomes me when (God forbid) the poor barista makes my drink wrong.

I took it to a whole new level with this post, written for the blogging group LFB.

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Hope you enjoy!

lfb: get it right

Originally posted: 3/8/07

“Hello, ma’am, what can I get you today?” I tried to put my best cheerful-I-can’t-wait-to-help-you tone in my voice as the next customer stepped up to the counter. She was sort of short, with funky red hair. As she spoke I caught the glint of a tongue piercing to go with the one in her nose and lip. Her blue eyes bored into my head with an unmistakable “Seriously. Don’t fuck up my coffee” look. As I watched her, she drew a silver dollar from her pocket and began idly flipping it across the backs of her fingers.

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