being in IT does not make me good at computers

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As you may know, I work in IT. As in, Information Technology. As in, I should know a little something about computers.

Unfortunately, I don’t.

When people find out that I work in IT, the first thing they ask is, “Oh, can you help me with this computer problem I’m having” or “Come over and fix my printer”.  I have to laugh because, I really know jack shit about computers. I mean, seriously. Jack shit.

The stuff I do relates to working with our customers to figure out what the systems we build should do, not actually building those systems to actually do those things. I’m barely able to install computer programs without hand holding from our real IT department (thank you Greg, Jason and Aaron (even though you’re no longer my help desk buddy)).

Let’s have a look at what happens to me when it’s time to change the password on my computer. I already blogged about this, it’s that frustrating.

Every single time I have to change my password (every SIX MONTHS now), I completely screw it up and spend most of the day locked out of either my computer or all of the applications I need to do work, or both. Multiple calls to the help desk later, I might finally be up and running by the time my day is over.

The steps aren’t hard, but it involves doing several things in a very specific order, and I can never remember the things I need to do nor the order I need to do them in. And when I mess it up, ugly things happen like being locked out of my account, or for all I know being put on some international watch list for potential computer hackers.


At any rate, this week on Tuesday I had another password change day. I’m happy to report that I was able to successfully change my password after only four attempts and forty-five minutes of frustration.

It’s a banner week. I should go buy a lottery ticket.

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