throwback thursdays (vol. 9): doorknockers


Today’s TBT picture has nothing to do with the post, but everything to do with how much I love my son! This picture is from when he was seven, and he’s so cute I just can’t stand it.

Today’s Throwback Thursday post is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood HMO. Indeed, I blog about my annual exam so if you’re squeamish, or male, you may want to skip it.

But seriously, it’s not that bad and even: kind of funny.

doctor day

Originally posted on: January 16, 2007

Today was Doctor Day.

I really really hate going to the doctor. So what I do is I save up all my ailments and then go to the doctor and bring them all up at once. Saves me time and anxiety, as well as doctor bills.

I won’t go into great depth on the variety of female issues that I went in with this time, but suffice to say that I got my money’s worth for sure.

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