paying it backwards

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The Starbucks drive-through has been, over the years, a source of frustration (when my drink is messed up), rage (when I get cut off), bliss (when my drink is made right), and today, thankfulness!

Today’s stay in the drive through lane was a little longer than usual. I entertained myself easily during the wait, singing along to Pink, dancing in my seat, applying lip balm and taking selfies (you know, the usual).


I had ordered a hot drink today, since I can no longer escape the fact that it is no longer summer and it is time to change from my Summer Drink to my Winter Drink (more on that later). Today, I also ordered a roasted ham and Swiss sandwich (yum!).

My morning up to this point had been pretty hectic – the Kid is having Pink Day at school today in recognition of breast cancer awareness, and he decided he wanted pink hair – so we were doing that, which made him late, which meant I was up and out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30 AM and therefore driving through the Starbucks drive through in my pajama pants and pigtails by 8:15.

It was, therefore, very cool to arrive at the pay window to find out that the lady in front of me had paid for my sandwich and drink.

Every year during Christmas time I try to do this a few times: pay for the person behind me while I’m paying for my own stuff. Just a few weeks ago, I paid for the lady behind me because I uncomfortably suspected that I had cut her off when entering the drive through lane. It made me feel good, and hopefully brightened her day.

Today was the first time that it came back to me. And, after the morning I was having, it was a very welcome surprise.

So thank you, mystery drive-thru-paying-lady! Today will be a good day.

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