throwback thursdays (vol. 12): homage to the grandparents

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A little late today, but it’s still Thursday so who’s counting?

Today’s TBT post is in homage to my Grandma, who I posted about yesterday. In case you were wondering, I went to see her last night and she’s doing pretty well, all things considered. The side of her face is drooping a little bit and she is having a little trouble talking but it was easy to understand her and she knew who I was. It was hard. But I’m so glad I spent some time with her and that The Kid did too.

Today’s TBT picture is of my grandparents soon after they were married. I don’t think my grandma could be more than 18 or 19 in that picture. They look like movie stars!

At any rate, today’s TBT is about my grandparents and what a typical voicemail from them might go like. I still have this one saved on my phone.

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Originally posted on: July 19, 2006

So, we had dinner with the grandparental units on Monday.

Grandma and Grandpa live on about an acre of property out in the sticks of Auburn, which is a city kind of near where I live. They have a little stream running through a corner of their property, a little manufactured home, a vegetable garden, and a bunch of flowers and random plants and trees they added in the years they’ve been there.

My grandparents have been married over fifty-five years. They’ve always been a pretty big influence in my life…

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