goin’ honky tonk. again.

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I recently took a trip to Nashville, which I neglected to post about. Naturally, I know y’all are super interested to know how it went so I’m fix in’ to tell y’all about it. See what I did there? Cute, huh?

This time I stayed in the Four Points By Sheraton in Brentwood. I was actually pretty impressed with this hotel! The attached restaurant had pretty good food and live music on Tuesday night, which was entertaining to listen to whilst I sat there going through work emails and green apple martinis like it was going out of style.

They messed up my tab the first night, but I was being kind of complicated by wanting to put some of it on my room, some of it on my personal card, and also to use my fantastic voucher (see below)!

They obviously won their way into my heart with this, which was a voucher for a free beverage. Woot!



They also had super fancy card keys that I could wave in front of a sensor instead of having to insert-then-remove-quickly like every other hotel I stay at:


Very handy after partaking in aforementioned free drinks and apple martinis.

I was, however, a little grossed out by a mysterious blotch on the wall.


Not sure I even want to know what that was.

I got a Toyota Camry for this trip. I was at first completely mystified by the sun-shaped dummy light in the dashboard till I realized it was telling me that my headlights were on. Okay, then. At least it didn’t mean I was flashing my brights at every passing vehicle, like I was worried about at first.


It made up for it by having a fantastic backup camera, which once I noticed it, I couldn’t help but look at it instead of where I was going, resulting in several near misses as I tried to figure out how close I actually was from the car behind me.



The inbound and outbound trip both had a layover in Dallas, where of course I had to take a picture of the: Best. Country. Bar Name. Ever.



And then I took a picture of some apparel for the arch rivals of my beloved Seahawks, the Cowgirls:


When, unbeknownst to me at the time, we would lose a game to them in a scant couple of weeks after this trip. Sigh.

Anyway, it was a quick trip, but pretty fun and I was glad to get home. Wooooot!

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