throwback thursdays (vol. 13): plus-size bravery

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This is a topic that’s been on my mind lately, so I decided to work it into this week’s TBT post. And, in the spirit of the body-lovin’ talked about in this blog, I give you today’s TBT picture which is really only of a few months ago but something I swore would never make it off my computer. Be nice.

I’m being brave!

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a plus-size what?

Originally posted on: 8/25/2006

Another soapbox blog, people.

I think that it’s safe to say that most women are at least a little concerned about their weight and/or body image.

Women readers: if you are one of the point-oh-one percent that looks in the mirror and thinks that you’re absolutely fabulous the way you are, I think that is the most wonderful thing ever, and can you please teach me how you do that? Because although on most days I don’t think a lot about my weight or how my body looks, there are times when I realize that I’m actually not the size two figure I think I am in my head…as in when I see full body shots of myself and think, oh wow. That’s not how I thought I looked *at all*.

I googled “plus size models” today. Here’s what came back…

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