tricking and treating…but not costumed

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Soooo…better late than never, I guess.

I spent an hour or so this afternoon trying to add a little bit of Halloween to the house. This year I skipped the pumpkin carving, but I wish I hadn’t. The outside looks a little…measly.


But, there are some cool details.

Such as the string of skeletons in the screen door! Spooooooooky!


One is even missing a leg, making it extra macabre.

My door sign clearly announces: CANDY INSIDE!


And I’m ready with my cauldron of goodies:


I have a fancy talking skull, which I imagine will get extra irritating by the time the night is over. It’s got flashing red eyes and is triggered by sound, at which point it does this thunder effect and this weird voice saying…“I seeeeeeee yoooouuuuuu!” and then this crazy-sounding cackle. I imagine it’s the stuff of nightmares for the little five-year old tots that will soon be kicking down my door.


The cobwebs I imagine will look a little better when it starts to get dark, right now they just look weird.


And I have a row of little ghosty lights, which are more cute than scary.


I put these plastic things in the window that are prints of spiders in webs. I’m hoping that when it gets dark, the light behind the plastic will make the designs stand out. Right now it just looks like some kind of odd curtain.



Even with all of this, I failed in the costume department. So it’s just my normal every day costume:


If I do that face when I answer the door, maybe the kids will mistake me for Quasimodo. One can hope.

Happy Halloween!!

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