fright night: the aftermath

Well, the good news is that the windows DID look cool with the lights shining behind them. But more about that later.

In my neighborhood, there are a ton of kids that go trick-or-treating on my street. This year, the Kid decided to go get some candy for himself too, but next year I think he’ll be on door duty all night. There were so many kids ringing my doorbell (many times multiple times in one visit, from the same kid!) that I could barely make it upstairs before having to head back down and answer for the next set of costumed little munchkins.

I got an invite to a costume party for Saturday night, though! And I even remedied my lack of Halloween costume participation!


As you can see, the windows did look pretty awesome once it got dark. The ghosty-lights also showed up better:



The Kid and his friends eventually did come back to help with the door, and then I bought pizza for the hard workers:IMG_3885


Later that night, I got a text from 1N asking if I had plans for Saturday, and to see if I’d want to go to a Halloween party. Well, turns out I didn’t and I sure would!

So I googled costumes, found some relating to sugar skulls and Day of the Dead, found myself a YouTube tutorial, and ended up with a pretty cool costume.

Here’s the before:



and here’s the after:


There is so much hairspray and backcombing in my hair that I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t get near an open flame. Or a comb.

It lasted most of the night pretty well, though by the time I got home some of the finer lines had smudged off.



I will honestly share with you that taking off all that makeup was a chore. Especially for a 2N that might have slightly overindulged in gaming beverages once I got home (yeah thanks Siv). If anyone is wondering, Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Remover Wipes are the bomb.


And the best part?

Waking up with the worst best morning after hair ever.



I think I’m ready for Halloween 2015. Bring it!

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