where are my plants?


You guys, I’m pretty heartbroken right now.

One of the things I absolutely loved about this house from the moment I saw it was the greenery. There were rhododendrons, several trees, huge hydrangeas, and an enormous camellia tree in the front yard. It made me happy just to look out and see all the plants and…greenness.

Now, though…My landlord has been on a lawn-and-garden-maintenance binge over the last 2 months. He’s come over every weekend for the last several weeks to trim, prune, weed, dig up, and in general “fix up” my yard. While I do appreciate having a lot of the stuff cleared out that he’s been doing…I feel like my garden and yard has been…well…violated. Not to mention I’ve had my landlord here every weekend for two months.

This is where my hydrangeas used to be. you can hardly see the little stumps that are left. They might grow back. I don’t know.


These are the rhododendrons that used to hide the neighbors bizillion cars. Now I just get to look at a junk yard.


As soon as everyone leaves, I’ll take pictures of the poor camellia in the front yard and update the post.

Today is the worst.

Since 9:00 AM there has been a wood chipper running on the street in front of my house. And the tree in the back of my house has been…


Stripped. Completely cut down. As I started this post it was still a trunk with only a few branches at the top. Now, I guess they decided to cut it all the way down. There was also an enormous holly bush on the right that is now…gone.

Sure, it used to generate ridiculous amounts of leaves that were an honest pain in the ass to rake up every year. I still loved it.

I am so sad right now. I hate it. I feel like I don’t even want to look out my back windows any more. My tree used to be so beautiful even in wintertime. I took some awesome pictures of the branches and a sunset, with snow on them, with leaves on them. It used to cast shade over the back yard and make the light coming through my office windows all filtered and soft and green. Not to mention it created some privacy to screen my back yard from the neighbors. I felt like I could have my shades up because you still couldn’t really see into the windows. Now I feel like I don’t even want to sit on my back porch any more because it’s so exposed.

It was so beautiful. Now it’s just…an eyesore.

I am so sad.

And the dog really has to pee but I can’t let him out yet because: They’re. Still. Violating. My. Yard.

4 comments on “where are my plants?”

  1. Is he new some of the stuff he did I understand you need to prune to keep them under control but he went a little overboard

    1. Yeah I think he definitely got carried away. I think he likes yards that are way more orderly and pruned back than how I like mine. I’m really concerned that a lot of the plants like the rhodies and the camellia aren’t ever going to grow right. Not to mention the stump now sitting in my back yard…

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