forget twitter for dummies…is there a ‘being funny for dummies’?

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I feel like I’m so much funnier in real life.

I subscribe to a bunch of blogs that frequently leave me giggling out loud, but I struggle so hard to come up with a witty-yet-meaningful comment that I paralyze myself into doing nothing. So, I’m pretty sure most of the people I follow think I’m some kind of stalker and/or cleverly disguised bot just waiting to spam them with comments like “I like so much your creativity. May I suggest to you more pictures? Buy all your auto parts here.”

(Side note: am I the only one that actually reads through the spam comments trying to determine if they really are real people that got into spam by accident?)

Because I am not, in fact, a bot, and because I do actually want to interact with the actual human beings that write the stuff I read, I have actually stewed over a potential comment for days then gone back and made one days after the post was, well posted. I figure that I kind of look like the kid that shows up a day late to the party all confused, that you kind of pity but don’t really want hanging around after the party’s over. Thankfully at least no one has asked me to go home yet.

(Does anyone else do this? Or are all of you just that spontaneously witty?)

I believe in my inner comedian, though. One day I’m going to bust out with a super funny post that everyone will love and share and comment wildly on.

I’ll start now and then maybe be done next year when it will still be totally relevant.

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