the unsinkable: unlikely rescuer

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So…one of the other things keeping me busy this week has been an unexpected although not entirely unwelcome guest.

IMG_4325Found this guy running around the neighborhood while doing yard work. He became fascinated with the Dog, and I gained one houseguest until I can find his real family.

He’s super damn cute.

The vet’s office says he’s probably about 6 months old, some kind of retriever or lab mix, still has the family jewels, and is not (unfortunately) microchipped.

I got him some food, water, a leash, a rawhide bone, tasty doggie snacks, and a flea drop treatment (from the vet, not OTC, don’t worry).

Also, he found a toy.

IMG_4339 IMG_4334

He pretty much won’t put it down. It’s assaulting me with cuteness.

I made some flyers. I’ve put in ads on Craigslist and other lost/found pet sites including my local humane society, so far only one bite. I’m asking for the potential owners to at least send photos or describe something about him so I can be sure he’s going back to the right home. And, if it turns out that his owners don’t show, then at least I feel like I’ve done everything possible to find them.

In the meantime, I’ve lost an expired Sally Beauty membership card, two pens, the aforementioned stuffed animal, a sock, and one Cat, who refuses to come out of the pantry. IMG_4346I’ve had to deliver her food and water to her as long as This New Dog is in the house. Such is the life of 2N, The Unsinkable: Unlikely Dog Whisperer. Rescuer. Whatever.



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