total geekout. happening here. right now.

Aaaaaand…yet another almost-month goes by between posts. This time I have a good excuse. Almost. Sort of.

Well, not really.

Unless you, like I, am a sucker for fantasy computer games like…

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sucker as in: I will spend hundreds of hours playing this game. As in: I bought it the night before it came out, and preloaded it into my computer so I could start playing AS SOON AS it was available. Which (awesomely) was 10 PM PST the day before the actual published release date!

Oh happy day!

So the first night I stayed up till the wee hours playing it. Well, actually that first part was just setting up my character. I am (also) a sucker for customization, so when they give you as many options to customize your character’s face as this one does, well…I get lost. Big time.

I’m sure that if I was a real geek, I would talk your virtual ears off about the variety of quests and missions and (woot!) romance options in this game, but I’m not, not really. There are others that go about the documentation and review of new games in a much more organized, thorough, and just better fashion than I would. So instead, I’ll just let you know my single biggest problem with this game so far.

The problem is I don’t like the hair styles. I mean…wtf? There are only like four or five I find remotely tolerable and they still all make my character look like masculine. In fact the same hairstyles are used for both male and female avatars, so I guess it’s more like…androgynous. Or something. Sigh.

I can only hope they will prioritize an enhancement to the variety of hairstyles available to me for my next character. That or some supremely talented modder with time on his-slash-her hands will take pity on me and design a mod that I can install to give me more options.

Hey, if they can install a patch today of which one of the fixes was “Fix strange shadows in Cullen’s hair during certain cutscenes” then I am sure they can provide more hairstyle options.

Otherwise, I’m stuck with these. Now, they’re not ALL bad. And lest I get slammed for someone thinking I’m trying to make some weird over-sexified anime-type character, I’m not. I just wanted some hair that was…pretty. I guess. Not so martial.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hairstyles aside…isn’t the detail great? And yes, I downloaded the trial version of Snagit specifically so I could take these screen prints to illustrate this blog post.

You’re welcome.

Including getting through the initial character creation (which, by the way, took me three (3) tries before I was partway satisfied) I’ve logged 227 hours on this bad boy so far. Which in turn explains why I haven’t been blogging.

As I said, not the greatest excuse, but it is AN excuse.

This game is aaaaaaawwweeeeeesssssoooooooommmmmeeeeeee.

Yes. That happened.

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