the thing with holidays is…

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I am such a procrastinator when it comes to decorating.

As you may recall from my Halloween post, not only did I not decorate until the day of Halloween, but I didn’t even do a costume till the next day.

This year, I am determined to do better for Christmas.

Except…it’s December 12 and there is nary a Christmas decoration in sight.

Also: I have yet to buy a single present.

This is in contrast to my mom, who has had Christmas decorations up for at least two weeks and has informed me that it’s too late to add anything to my wishlist because their shopping for me has been done for months.


So. New goals for this weekend:

  1. Friday: Go obtain tree. Somewhere. Tie to top of Jeep and maneuver upstairs and into living room. Consider decorating tree. Instead, decide to play Dragon Age until I fall asleep at the keyboard. In between prying my socks from between the jaws of New Dog. Assuming I haven’t found his real parents by then.
  2. Saturday: Consider decorating tree. Decide to put it off till Sunday. Instead, party my face off.
  3. Sunday: Recover. Actually decorate said tree, using assorted mismatched ornaments culled from Target after-holiday sales, mom’s attic and third-grade craft projects.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

That should get the tree up just in time for me to go out of town next week. Hopefully I won’t come back to it having been destroyed by overenthusiastic dog(s) and/or lack of watering.

After that it will be Operation: Get Tree to Dump Before Next Christmas.

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