birthday madness

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Another thing that happened during my most recent hiatus…I got another year older!

I forget how old that is now. Thankfully. Hopefully everyone else does too.

I finally got a chance to wear my smokin’ hot dress I got the last time I was in LA, and it. Was. Epic.

Like seriously, I have never gotten so many compliments in one night in my life. Talk about an ego boost! Woot! Go on with my bad self.

Untrue to form, those are pretty much the ONLY pictures I took on my birthday night. You’ll have to visit my LA post to see an actual picture of The Dress. Now forever, capitalized.

I know I had an awesome time because I woke up the next morning literally with no idea where the hell I was. It wasn’t until I wandered out of the room where I woke up (alone, thank goodness) that I realized I was at Fredmore and Bean’s. Thank goodness for good friends getting me drunk and looking after me!

In case you were wondering, yes I was still in The Dress when I woke up. And amazingly, my earrings which had been falling out all night the night before were still in place! I must have completely passed out and just…not…moved…at all.

When I went to go get coffee, I had a limited choice of attire. However, luckily Fredmore had just the right sweatshirt for the occasion.

Since I had coordinated in advance, however (THANK YOU 1N!), I had planned to be at Fredmore and Bean’s that day anyway to get some refreshment done on my tattoo! So after I was done snuggling on the couch watching Modern Family with Lola, the tiniest chihuahua you’ve ever seen, Fredmore got to work on the tattoo. Which went swimmingly and looks awesome. It will look SO COOL when it’s done!

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To top off a great birthday and relaxing recovery day, my mom and sister took me on our annual shopping trip where I was given an allowance and spent it wildly and with abandon. I procured a new purse, new necklace, two new rings, a shirt, and a hat the same as my sister’s so we could be twinsies!

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Another year older, maybe another year wiser. I’m not counting on it. We’ll see by the time next year rolls around.

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